TutanKatmun has 9 lives. Go!

Nine Lives

egypt-cat-mummyTutanKatmun is an Egyptian Mau whose mother, NeferKitti, recently passed away, and he wants to give her what she needs to get to the afterlife. Help him by answering questions, but if one is wrong, TutanKatmun loses one of his 9 lives. And when the mummy gets to him, TutanKatmun also loses a life. On one question, TutanKatmun could lose all of his lives.

Think carefully, but quickly.

Let's Play

Ok, here's the first question that has nothing to do with Egypt:

What's one plus one?

Okay, that was a bit mean, but deal with it. Moving along with the storyline. . . TutanKatmun already has a scoop, but he doesn't know how to use it. Can you help out by telling him, what is the scoop's purpose?

It's used to scatter natron on the body
It's used to take out the brain
It's used to take out the internal organs
It's used to put the heart back into the body

Okay, it's for the brain, but TutanKatmun doesn't where on the head to do it. Should he slice it open, which is kind of messy, or what?

He should make a small opening, and slowly scoop it out.
He should take out the eyes, and scoop it out from there
He should take the brain out through the nostrils
He should make a large opening, and take all of the brain out at one time

Good. TutanKatmun has a knife. But where should he slice?

Down the left of the abdomen
Right down the middle of the abdomen
Across the Chest
Two cuts across the back, criss-cross, diagonally

Now what?

Pull out the internal organs, and throw them away
Pull out the internal organs, and let them dry
Get rid of the blood, and nothing else
Get rid of everything in the body

So, on this sixth to last question, what should TutanKatmun do with the dried internal organs?

Put all of them into the body
Put some of them into canopic jars
Blend them with natron
Stuff them into the mouth

5 questions left: Which organs?

Heart, liver, lungs, intestines, and stomach
Heart, Liver, and Lungs
Liver, Lungs, Intestines, and Stomach
Intestines, and Stomach

Awesome! Only 4 more questions: Now what should he do, now? He's dying to do the part with the bandages.

Wash the body with wine and spices
Fill the body with sand
Just bandage it
Wash the body with water

Three more questions: TutanKatmun knows that he needs to cover the body with natron. But for how long?

50 days
1 year
70 days
1 week

Great. Second to last question: TutanKatmun collected some resin. What should he do with it?

Fill the insides of the body with it
Powder the bandages with it before the bandaging
Paint the insides of the body with it
Paint the outside of the body with it

Perfecto! Final question: TutanKatmun has some cloth with him that he knows he has to use, somehow. How is it supposed to be used?

To fill the body and give it a more 3-D shape
To cover the body so the resin doesn't come off
To supply the body with clothes when it journeys to the afterlife
To make sure the body doesn't become decayed

You Win!

Yay! TutanKatmun wrapped Neferkitti in bandages, performed the "opening of the mouth", and placed her in her sarCatphagus. Oh yeah, You completed the game-ish thing, and NeferKitti, bandaged and in her sarcophagus, hopefully went to the afterlife. I mean, you spent like, hopefully minutes on this activity, so Neferkitti better have reached the afterlife. The End.

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