The Brainy, the Talented, and the Athletic

Chapter 1
Meet the team

Meet Bryan. Here’s his personality. So picture the smartest person you’ve ever met, and multiply his or her intelligence by the biggest number you know. That’s how smart Mr. Smartypants (a.k.a. Bryan) is. Here are some things he likes and dislikes. He loves mozzarella sticks, but he hates cheese. He loves showing off, but he’s afraid of performing in front of a crowd. And so on. Basically, in every TV show or movie, the smart person or people are not very strong. Same with Bryan. He broke his arm during volleyball, and failed soccer. He did his best during gymnastics, but jumped into a locker! You like the rhyme? Well now that you know him more than he knows himself, shall we move onto the rest of the team?

Now, meet Alyssa. Let me show you some of her traits. She’s popular, she’s pretty, she’s anything a kid would want to be. Even though she’s basically a B student, she’s like that on everything. she rarely gets Ds, Fs, or even Cs. On nearly anything, she gets a okay or good grade on, so does that make her talented? Well you’ll see some of her true talents in a sec. Okay, so she’s the most flexible person in the school, and she has mad computer skills! She can program and even hack a little, so this makes her an important member of the group. but let me show you the true strong member…

Finally, meet the strongest kid in the universe, the person who’s muscles cast a shadow over the athletic children in your gym class, (drum roll). . . . . . . . . . , his name is… Bob. Sorry for the dorky name but it’s hard to make a story funny, but his name is short for Bobert. Oh yeah, that’s Rob, not Bob. But he was born Bobert C. Strong. Anyway, his biceps are as tall as the empire state building, he can leave a dent in metal, and he once broke the basketball backboard and still got the ball through the hoop while doing free throws. So, here’s the team. The brainy, the talented, and the athletic.

To be continued …