Lazy’s Cool Diner

At Lazy’s Cool Diner,
we serve from 7:11, to 11:07.
During your meal,
you’ll have your own personal shoe-shiner.

We have 15 perfect dishes for you to chew:
grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes with some melon,
french toast, new deep-dish pizza that we’re sellin’,
maybe some sausages wrapped in fried bacon,
or even some muffins that people are takin’,
we have hot lamb chops, and roasted chicken,
big well-done steaks which people are pickin’,
5 fish sticks, 13 mozzarella cheese sticks,
a banana, come on, just 3 more picks,
saucy spagetti, ripe apples that are red,
and finally, the last dish, it’s buttered bread.

Now you know the dishes at Lazy’s Cool Diner,
come on over to eat where nothing’s finer.

Three Poems

There once was someone named Chicky
Who was very very picky
He thought French toast tasted like compost
and Mozzarella sticks tasted like bricks
So he himself turned into something icky

There once was a talker named Walker
who got stung by a poisonous death-stalker
There was pain and more pain
which drove him insane
until there was no more of that talker

There once was a man named Larry
Whose skin was very hairy
But once he got fried
Which even went down his side
and made him look like a cherry

A Poetry Book – Please, can I have some more fast food

A Perfect Banana Split

Where’s my perfect banana split
I want it tasty and not wrong a bit

The flavors I want are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry
I want to ice cream 100% dairy,
And I also want it topped with a cherry

No spinach, corn or carrots
And no walnuts, feed them to our ferret

I want to eat it with my bandana
and don’t ask why
Don’t forget the whipped cream or I’ll cry

Now I’ll taste it to know how good it seems
And wait, you forgot the banana

My Fish Sticks

My fish sticks
They’re as hard as bricks

My fish sticks
They’re making me sick

My fish sticks
They weren’t even fried

My fish sticks
Without my soda, I could have cried

My fish sticks
I want them with ketchup

My fish sticks
I would rather drink from a dirty cup

Chicken Numbers

One chicken wing
make me do nothing

Two chicken wings
can make me sing

Three chicken wings
can make me cry

Four chicken wings
can make me pry

Five chicken wings
can make me a king

I Hate Soda

I hate soda!

I hate Coke
once it made me choke

I hate Sprite
I think it can bite

I hate Fanta
I would rather not get a present from Santa

I hate crush
I would rather give my teeth a brush

A Un-weird Pizza

I would like my pizza …

made with the sauce of tomato
no … potato

made with mozzarella cheese
no … the honey of bees

made with pepperoni
no … baloney

made with mushrooms
no … the end of brooms

made with bacon strips
no … parts of a ship

made with BBQ pulled pork
no … the silver of a fork

made with garlic bread
no … squid instead

So, that’s a un-weird pizza

I’m the Hamburger King

I’m the hamburger king!

You don’t know how many sandwiches
I can bring.

When there’s a lot of customers
I go cha-ching!

I make it with beef, cheese, lettuce,
tomato, onion and bacon
between a bun.
Once, I sold on to a nun.

For sides, I serve fruit, and fries.
Even a burger-hater buys!

Well I’m the hamburger king!
and you don’t know how many sandwiches I can bring.

Please can I have some more junk food


Yellow, My Fellow

— A Color Poem

Yellow is as shiny
as a golden bar
It’s as bright
as a fire-y star
It’s the color of cheddar cheese
Yellow is on the stripes of a swarm of bees

Happy Birthday (to Daddy)

Today it’s your birthday
We eat lots of cake
We come to play
People yell “hooray”
And, the snowflakes burst
So we’re having fun on February first


On February 1st

Winter soon is gonna end
Spring is coming soon
The warm and cold are gonna blend
The weather is okay
Since it is your Birthday
There are lots of balloons
Those are happy times of February


What I Look Like

My eyes are round as a mango shredded in the summer.
My hair is dark as midnight in the countryside.
My eyebrows are smooth as printing paper dried.
My ears are flappy as a folder used for 5 years.
My forehead is hard as a rock from 8 million years ago.
My eardrum is as delicate as a helpless 1 day old caterpillar in the Namib Desert.