Lazy’s Cool Diner

At Lazy’s Cool Diner,
we serve from 7:11, to 11:07.
During your meal,
you’ll have your own personal shoe-shiner.

We have 15 perfect dishes for you to chew:
grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes with some melon,
french toast, new deep-dish pizza that we’re sellin’,
maybe some sausages wrapped in fried bacon,
or even some muffins that people are takin’,
we have hot lamb chops, and roasted chicken,
big well-done steaks which people are pickin’,
5 fish sticks, 13 mozzarella cheese sticks,
a banana, come on, just 3 more picks,
saucy spagetti, ripe apples that are red,
and finally, the last dish, it’s buttered bread.

Now you know the dishes at Lazy’s Cool Diner,
come on over to eat where nothing’s finer.