A Fairly Fruity Tale

Once upon a time there was a mango named Googol. One day, he was bored and wanted to go to the moon. On his journey, he met upon many other bored fruit. At first, he met twin strawberries, names Tweet and Insta.

He asked them, “Would you like to come with me to the moon?”

They replied, “Sure!”

Next, the fearsome fruit met upon a cherry triplet. Their names were, A, B, and C. They asked and the cherries agreed.

As they ventured on, they met 4 bananas (Yaho, Beeng, Agar, and YooToo), and 5 blueberries (Ema, Phosho, Eyetoon, Fifo, and Safar).

Finally, they arrived at the perfect launch site. They had the most spectacular rocket, and the B cherry volunteered to push the button. They readied the cylinder-shaped rocket.

“Wait!” The mango yelled last minute. “We need fuel! Something like milk will do!”

“Yes sir.”

Now they were finally ready. All the fruit got in the rocket, and B closed the lid.

“Ready for launch,” B said. “5. . . 4. . . 3. . . 2. . . 1. . . Lift Off!”

Instead of blasting through the sky leaving a cloud of smoke, the poor fruit got smooched into a fine slush also known as a smoothie. Too bad, so sad, very delicious.