Flea Property

Flea PropertyLazy Wolf: Oo, oo, oo! I landed on Boardwalk! With an additional hotel! For only $400? Can I buy it?
Flea: It’s $2,000, first of all. And you don’t get it.
Lazy Wolf: Why?
Flea: Because it’s my property. p.s. Give me the $2,000 cause you have to pay me.


Split Identity

Flea: Are you Lazy Wolf?
Lazy Wolf: No. I’m uh … Smith. Black Smith.
Flea: But how come it says Lazy Wolf on your suit and your dorky red cylinder hat thingy?
Lazy Wolf: It’s a fez. And I’m from um … Yukon and in Yukonese, Lazy Wolf means Black Smith.


Time for a Time Machine

Lazy_Wolf_Time_for_Time_MachineLazy Wolf: I want to be an inventor.
Curious Coyote: Nice. I can get some supplies for you.
Lazy Wolf: Okay. I’ll need a metal box, a car, a calculator, a few wires, a clock, and some french fries.
Curious Coyote: Want are you making or inventing?
Lazy Wolf: A time machine.
Curious Coyote: Potato-powered?
Lazy Wolf: No. I’m eating the fries. This can be hard work. It can take minutes!


The Lazy Wolf Monopoly


From The Lazy Crazy Cafe to Butcher Bear’s Burger Barbecue, from Buffet de Nellen to Dips, Chips, ‘n Sandwiches, from Orange Ostrich’s Oven to Fez’s Pizza, you will surely find some of your favorite food. Take the Carnivore Cruise, ride in Lazy Wolf’s Combat Car, travel back in time in Lazy Wolf’s Time Machine, or hop on Lazy Wolf’s Rocket to the Sun for an unforgettable adventure! Last but not the least, no more Go To Jail – Eat Soggy Burgers instead!

Check out the Lazy Wolf Monopoly:

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